Exterior Landscaping and Trees

Plants thrive with superior water management
and fewer call backs.

Benefits of Selecting WaterGrip™ Growing Media for your Exterior

Landscape Installations

Your instal­la­tion and ongo­ing per­for­mance depends on the right soil and prop­er water man­age­ment. Water­Grip Grow­ing Media Ground-Up amends and enhances your soils per­for­mance to pro­vide supe­ri­or water man­age­ment while also deliv­er­ing a grow­ing media designed to grow thriv­ing plants with reduced main­te­nance requirements.

Incomparable Water Management:

  • Supe­ri­or cap­il­lary action pro­motes excel­lent water distribution
  • Excep­tion­al water hold­ing capac­i­ty max­i­mizes use of water inputs and reduces runoff
  • Reduces water­ing fre­quen­cy and over­all use to low­er water expenses
  • Main­tains poros­i­ty even when ful­ly sat­u­rat­ed to avoid over watering

Ready Access to Water, Air and Nutrients Supports Robust,
Healthier Plantings:

  • High cation exchange capac­i­ty retains and makes infused nutri­ents read­i­ly avail­able to decrease fer­til­iz­er needs
  • Rapid root growth and opti­mal pen­e­tra­tion pro­motes health­i­er, faster plant growth
  • New plant­i­ngs sta­bi­lize quick­ly to reduce trans­plant stress
  • Opti­mal root health results in stress-free plants with enhanced dis­ease resistance
  • Roots are self prun­ing thus elim­i­nat­ing pot bound roots
  • Health­i­er plants deliv­er incred­i­ble land­scape per­for­mance and beauty

Reduced Maintenance:

  • Reduces water­ing frequency
  • Elim­i­nates over and under watering
  • Reduces need for plant replacements
  • Retains fer­til­iz­er and plant nutri­tion to reduce fer­til­iz­er use and run-off
  • Media main­tains poros­i­ty and does not com­pact over time
  • Easy to mix with oth­er soils for enhanced performance