Interior Plantscaping

Plants thrive with superior water management that reduces labor and plant replacements

Benefits of Selecting WaterGrip™ Growing Media for your Interior Plantscaping Installations:

Water­Grip Grow­ing Media Ground-Up pro­vides you with the com­pet­i­tive edge your busi­ness desires, deliv­er­ing prod­uct per­for­mance that delights your clients while reduc­ing cost­ly inputs. Use our Ground-Up prod­uct stand alone or as an amend­ment to your usu­al pot­ting soils to improve performance.

Improved Water Management:

  • Supe­ri­or cap­il­lary action pro­motes even water distribution
  • Excep­tion­al water hold­ing capac­i­ty max­i­mizes use of water inputs and reduces runoff
  • Reduces water­ing fre­quen­cy and over­all water use to save labor
  • Main­tains poros­i­ty even when ful­ly sat­u­rat­ed to avoid over watering
  • Pro­vides excel­lent gas exchange which pro­motes healthy growth
  • Root res­pi­ra­tion occurs when media is ful­ly saturated.

Supports Robust, Healthier Plantings:

  • Roots have ready access to water, air and
    infused nutrients
  • High cation exchange capac­i­ty retains and makes
    nutri­ents read­i­ly avail­able to reduce fer­til­iz­er needs
  • Rapid root growth and opti­mal pen­e­tra­tion pro­motes health­i­er, faster plant growth
  • Opti­mal root health results in stress-free plants
    w/ enhanced dis­ease resistance
  • Roots are self prun­ing thus elim­i­nat­ing pot bound roots

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

  • Sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduces water­ing frequency
  • Elim­i­nates over and under watering
  • Healthy plants reduce plant rota­tions and replacements
  • Retains fer­til­iz­er and plant nutri­tion longer
  • Easy to mix with oth­er soils for enhanced soil performance