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No mat­ter what you name a green wall, they all call for Water­Grip. Enjoy lush ver­ti­cal plant­i­ngs in a sta­bi­lized media offer­ing supe­ri­or water man­age­ment and ease of instal­la­tion with min­i­mum maintenance.

Benefits of Selecting WaterGrip™ Growing Media for your Living Wall

Indoors and out­doors, Green Walls, Liv­ing Walls or Veg­e­tat­ed Walls are one of the fastest ways to make a green state­ment and show you care about the envi­ron­ment, the build­ing, and the peo­ple in the build­ing. Using Water­Grip Grow­ing Media Liv­ing Green Wall Brown­ies are the eas­i­est way to help you real­ize the ben­e­fits of a liv­ing wall.

Stabilized Media Eases Installation and Reduces Maintenance:

  • Light­weight 12“x24“x3” Brown­ies pop in to ver­ti­cal frameworks
  • Ready-to-plant with pre­loaded nutri­ents and root protection
  • Sta­bi­lized struc­tured media reduces mess and does not wash out with watering
  • Reduces need for plant replace­ments yet allows flex­i­bil­i­ty for sea­son­al display
  • Health­i­er plants offer enhanced dis­ease resistance

Hydrophilic Media Provides Enhanced Water Management and Reduced Water Use:

  • Supe­ri­or cap­il­lary action pro­motes even water distribution
  • Encap­su­lates fer­til­iz­ers and water, serv­ing as food stor­age reser­voirs in the soil
  • Excep­tion­al water hold­ing capac­i­ty enables more water to be held against gravity
  • Works well with a wide vari­ety of drip sys­tems and can decrease water­ing frequency
  • Avoids areas of dry out and plant mortality
  • Dra­mat­i­cal­ly reduces and fil­ters ver­ti­cal runoff

Ready Access to Water, Air and Nutrients Supports Vigorous, Robust
Vertical Plantings:

  • Rapid, deep root­ing quick­ly sta­bi­lizes plants; plugs com­plete­ly root in a mat­ter of days
  • Robust growth speeds wall cov­er­age on your ver­ti­cal gar­den wall
  • High cation exchange capac­i­ty pro­vides high nutri­ent avail­abil­i­ty and reduces fer­til­iz­er needs
  • Allows for cre­ative and bold installations!

Earn­ing LEED cred­its for Liv­ing Wall installation