Green Roofs

Rooftop plants thrive in a lighter weight media enabling superior stormwater management.

Green Roof Grown in WaterGrip

Benefits of WaterGrip™ Growing Media for your Green Roof

WaterGrip Growing Media enables superior plant performance while conserving precious water. Using WaterGrip is about growing more on your rooftop with less wasted water, less energy, less labor, with less time. No matter where you are planning a green roof – Chicago, Toronto, Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco, or anywhere – WaterGrip is the solution for all green roofs.

WaterGrip™ Growing Media delivers a technological advance in green roofing media that will help to maximize the vast array of environmental, social and economic benefits a green roof can provide. WaterGrip Growing Media truly changes the paradigm for rooftop growing media – delivering a “true” growing media in which plants thrive rather than survive, while improving rooftop water management with a lighter weight green roof media solution.

Lightweight Media Eases Installation, Reduces Roof Loads:

  • Easy-to-handle “brownies” deliver labor savings during installation
  • A fully saturated 3” thick Brownie weighs only 11.8 lbs./sq. ft.
  • Delivered ready-to-plant (or pre-planted)
  • Works equally well in Intensive and Extensive green roof systems
  • Easy to install — lay just like tile – ideal for sloped or retro-fit installations

Rapid Absorption and Exceptional Water Holding Capacity provides Incomparable Rain Water Management:

  • WaterGrip Brownies hold up to 8x their dry weight in water – a 3” thick Brownie holds up to 1.3 gallons
    of water per sq. ft. or the equivalent of ~2.4” of rainwater falling on its surface
  • Encapsulates fertlizers just as it does with water, serving as food storage reservoirs in the soil
  • Dramatically reduces, delays and filters storm run-off
  • Supports a broader palette of plant material
  • Maintains porosity so roots breathe even when media is fully saturated
  • Water flows through media when fully saturated

Advantages of a Superior Growing Media for Robust Rooftop Plantings:

  • Provides roots with ready access to water, air, and nutrients to reduce plant stress
  • High cation exchange capacity provides high nutrient and fertilizer holding
    and availability and maintains this ability over time
  • Stabilized media maintains porosity over time and does not compact
  • Rapid and optimal root penetration ensures more plants survive initial planting
  • Robust growth speeds and improves roof coverage
  • Healthier plants reduce plant replacements and maintenance needs

Earning LEED credits for green roof installation