Why install a Green Roof?

Green Roof Benefits

Using WaterGrip™ Growing Media as your rooftop growing media can maximize these benefits by delivering a true growing media that enables superior water management while providing an environment in which plants thrive. By holding more water, WaterGrip enables you to conserve more water, and harness more natural water inputs, in combination with air and nutrients, for superior plant growth.

Reduced storm water run-off
Reduced heat island effect
Cleaner Air Quality
Reduced Energy Use
Improved water efficiency
Filtered run-off

Beautified spaces
Cleaner Air
Habitat creation
Reduced noise pollution
More comfortable environment

Opportunity for LEED credits
Reduced maintenance costs
Extended roof life
Improved insulating properties
Improved solar and HVAC systems
Reduced energy use
Higher property value

Benefits of Selecting WaterGrip Growing Media for your Green Roof