Commercial Growing

Grow thriving plants in less time with reduced water, fertilizer, and energy usage.

Benefits of Selecting WaterGrip™ Growing Media for Commercial Growing

Growing plants can be a resource intensive proposition. Using WaterGrip Growing Media means less water and fertilizer wasted to reduce overall usage. We also know time is money – WaterGrip promotes vigorous growth to speed your finished products to the marketplace, saving labor and reducing energy costs. WaterGrip Growing Media then helps to ensure the long term health of your plants.

Reduced Watering Frequency and Overall Water Usage:

  • Provides superior capillary action and water holding capacity
  • Holds 8x its weight in water with 100% of held water available to roots
  • Allows for more water to be retained where it is needed with less runoff
  • Maintains porosity allowing roots to breathe even when fully saturated
  • Maintains performance without compaction over time

Vigorous growth speeds finished product to market:

  • Roots have ready access to water, air and infused nutrients
  • High cation exchange capacity retains nutrients, makes them available for roots and reduces fertilizer needs
  • Rapid root and plant growth – crops can be started later or more rotations/year
  • Faster speed to market means reduced labor and energy costs
  • Enables optimal root branching and penetration
  • Eliminates pot bound roots – roots are “self pruning”

Easy to maintain:

  • Cuttings establish quickly
  • Watering frequency reduced
  • Plant loss is dramatically reduced
  • Eliminates over and under watering
  • Media contains initial application of beneficial bacteria and nutrients
  • Optimal root health means stress-free plants with enhanced disease resistance