3 Reasons You Are Going to Like WaterGrip

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If by some strange rea­son you have not tried our break­through, 100% water sav­ing grow­ing medi­um for your next green wall, green roof or gen­er­al land­scap­ing use, here are 3 unde­ni­able rea­sons why it’s by far the best grow­ing medi­um on the mar­ket today. But don’t take our word for it:

I do want to say that the Water­Grip Ground Up Medi­um is rev­o­lu­tion­ary! We put a lay­er of Water­Grip on the bot­tom of all the con­tain­ers, and then mixed it 50% with our favorite non-stain­ing pot­ting soil mix to fill each one. I love how light and easy to work with the medi­um is!

We installed at the begin­ning of an intense 4 days of sun, heat, and wind – I was con­cerned about trans­plant shock and los­ing plants due to the con­di­tions on the ter­race.  We watered on instal­la­tion and the day after, then every oth­er day, and now every 3rd or 4th day.  A few plants drooped a bit after the 1st day, but then they all perked up and now look real­ly hap­py – already show­ing new growth, in less than one week after replant­i­ng!  I’m pret­ty sure that the Water­Grip helped them through the heat and wind tran­spi­ra­tion water losses.

Thanks again for your help in get­ting me the medi­um.  It will prob­a­bly be the rea­son that this 27th floor ter­race gar­den can exist.  I will cer­tain­ly be inter­est­ed in being able to get more of the mate­r­i­al in the future.”

Sue Williard, San Francisco

Rea­son #1

Water Grip is about sav­ing the water of the world.  That is our mis­sion and why our com­pa­ny exists.  Water­Grip Grow­ing Media can hold 8x its weight in water with a mois­ture con­tent of 890%, mean­ing more water can be cap­tured and water­ing fre­quen­cy can be reduced.  A macro/micro pore struc­ture allows water, air and nutri­ents to be held with­in its organ­ic matrix and be 100% avail­able to the roots – root res­pi­ra­tion can occur even when the media is ful­ly sat­u­rat­ed. Supe­ri­or cap­il­lary action allows for quick absorp­tion and effi­cient wick­ing of water through­out the media.

Rea­son #2

Water­Grip is made from nat­ur­al mate­ri­als.  We are all about recycling…but do you real­ly want to grow plants in plas­tic???  We feel the answer is to make our prod­uct from a sus­tain­ably respon­si­ble prod­uct like coconut coir and fir bark.  Tra­di­tion­al organ­ic mix ingre­di­ents (coconut coir) com­bined with pro­pri­etary prop­er­ties cre­ates a hydrophilic matrix of macro and micro pores with supe­ri­or water, air and nutri­ent hold­ing capac­i­ty. Water­Grip prod­ucts are infused with nutri­ents, hor­mones, and ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria for opti­mal root and plant pro­tec­tion and development.

Rea­son #3

We are all nice guys at Water­Grip.  No, it is true.  Our lives and our pas­sion revolve around plants and grow­ing.  It’s all we know and all we do.  Our founder, Allan Huber­man is a 4th gen­er­a­tion grow­er in New Eng­land who took 8 years to per­fect the Water­Grip prod­uct.   So call us, we love to talk plants and grow­ing on green roofs, green walls and gen­er­al landscaping.

The rea­sons are clear as to why Water­Grip is the best prod­uct on the mar­ket. Stop wast­ing time with infe­ri­or prod­ucts that cause green wall fail­ures, war­ran­ty prob­lems with green roofs, con­stant fights with pH lev­els, and most impor­tant­ly – wast­ing pre­cious water.

WaterGrip…it’s about grow­ing more with less.

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