Exterior Landscaping and Trees

Plants thrive with superior water management
and fewer call backs.

Benefits of Selecting WaterGrip™ Growing Media for your Exterior

Landscape Installations

Your installation and ongoing performance depends on the right soil and proper water management. WaterGrip Growing Media Ground-Up amends and enhances your soils performance to provide superior water management while also delivering a growing media designed to grow thriving plants with reduced maintenance requirements.

Incomparable Water Management:

  • Superior capillary action promotes excellent water distribution
  • Exceptional water holding capacity maximizes use of water inputs and reduces runoff
  • Reduces watering frequency and overall use to lower water expenses
  • Maintains porosity even when fully saturated to avoid over watering

Ready Access to Water, Air and Nutrients Supports Robust,
Healthier Plantings:

  • High cation exchange capacity retains and makes infused nutrients readily available to decrease fertilizer needs
  • Rapid root growth and optimal penetration promotes healthier, faster plant growth
  • New plantings stabilize quickly to reduce transplant stress
  • Optimal root health results in stress-free plants with enhanced disease resistance
  • Roots are self pruning thus eliminating pot bound roots
  • Healthier plants deliver incredible landscape performance and beauty

Reduced Maintenance:

  • Reduces watering frequency
  • Eliminates over and under watering
  • Reduces need for plant replacements
  • Retains fertilizer and plant nutrition to reduce fertilizer use and run-off
  • Media maintains porosity and does not compact over time
  • Easy to mix with other soils for enhanced performance