Interior Plantscaping

Plants thrive with superior water management that reduces labor and plant replacements

Benefits of Selecting WaterGrip™ Growing Media for your Interior Plantscaping Installations:

WaterGrip Growing Media Ground-Up provides you with the competitive edge your business desires, delivering product performance that delights your clients while reducing costly inputs. Use our Ground-Up product stand alone or as an amendment to your usual potting soils to improve performance.

Improved Water Management:

  • Superior capillary action promotes even water distribution
  • Exceptional water holding capacity maximizes use of water inputs and reduces runoff
  • Reduces watering frequency and overall water use to save labor
  • Maintains porosity even when fully saturated to avoid over watering
  • Provides excellent gas exchange which promotes healthy growth
  • Root respiration occurs when media is fully saturated.

Supports Robust, Healthier Plantings:

  • Roots have ready access to water, air and
    infused nutrients
  • High cation exchange capacity retains and makes
    nutrients readily available to reduce fertilizer needs
  • Rapid root growth and optimal penetration promotes healthier, faster plant growth
  • Optimal root health results in stress-free plants
    w/ enhanced disease resistance
  • Roots are self pruning thus eliminating pot bound roots

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

  • Significantly reduces watering frequency
  • Eliminates over and under watering
  • Healthy plants reduce plant rotations and replacements
  • Retains fertilizer and plant nutrition longer
  • Easy to mix with other soils for enhanced soil performance